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It all started when...

Dr Anthony Lyssy overcame his personal barriers to wellness as an adolescent and developed a passion for optimal living.  Like many individuals who have achieved a higher level of health Dr Lyssy didn't know how bad he truly felt, until he achieved ideal health.  Because of these experiences, he embarked on a journey to teach others how to achieve their personal health goals.

After graduation from The University of Texas at Austin with an honors degree, he chose to continue his wellness training at The University of North Texas Health Science Center, where he earned his medical Degree.  After board certification in primary care at Methodist Hospital in Dallas, Dr Lyssy helped found Diamond Physicians in Dallas, TX as the medical director.  With a passion for furthering his medical knowledge, his quest took him through advanced arteriology training to diagnose, treat and most importantly prevent our nation's number one killer, cardiovascular disease.  Further functional and integrative medical training helped him to develop his truly unique proactive, rather than reactive, wellness approach.

As a concierge physician, Dr Lyssy is available as a patient advocate for his clients, addressing all issues big and small.  Because he takes care of fewer patients in an exponentially greater fashion, he is able to address the root cause of disease, and focus his interactions on education so his clients can take ownership of their health with clear, mutually developed plans of action.

With numerous advanced executive physical options available to his clients, he is able to use the most evidence based, technologically advanced functional testing to gather personalized data to use for the most customized wellness program possible.  Dr Lyssy claims, just as no two individuals are alike, no two treatment plans of his are alike either.  Truly personalized medicine is something he prides himself on.

With a burning passion for golf and wellness, Dr Lyssy has developed strategic partnerships in both the professional and amateur golf world.   Whether working as a medical advocate or consultant,  offering advanced golf wellness protocols to those in search of improved performance, or providing professional golf medical support, Dr Lyssy is able to combine his 2 greatest passions and help elevate the health and lower the scores of golfers around the world.

From functional nutrition, to advanced supplementation, and innovative anti-inflammatory treatment modalities, Dr Lyssy takes care of professional athletes, busy executives, and anyone else longing for more than the standard of care currently offered in traditional medical practices.  Dr Lyssy has built a model of truly optimal care to achieve truly optimal wellness and he would like to invite you along for the ride...


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